Successful but frustrated? Move from good to great! Four essential keys to

Authentic Leadership

Bottom line! 95% of your real success comes from inner driven leadership skills!

Four essential keys

to deep change:

1. Crisis –need to change

2. Paradigm shift:

    removing blocks

3. New vision

4. New leadership style

Jim Collins in his book spoke of level 5 leadership, which essentially talked of the paradigm shift from being driven by the ego and external factors, moving to an inner drive. This is not an insignificant shift, at present it is estimated that only 5% of leaders operate at the level.

What happens when you successfully make the transition is you swap frustration for passion, which becomes a powerful contagious emotion that sweeps through the organisation. Resulting in above average performance. It’s no longer a question of resources but rather tapping into the collective resourcefulness of the entire organisation.

What our entrepreneurs are saying about Authentic Leadership Coaching

When I first worked with Joseph, I was amazed at the depth of his knowledge and his unique way of sharing new business concepts. It was a transformational experience that has greatly benefited our organisation. We now have a strategic plan and are in a strong growth phase. The School Of Mastery has become a trusted advisor. 

Mauro Sabatini, Managing Director, Effeuno, Italy.

You helped our Western European sales team to develop a winning attitude by developing the best responses to the many daily challenges. At the same time, you made all my colleagues experience the importance of emotional intelligence, particularly in sales. Thank you for your professional work!

Ernst Frimel, Vice of Sales, Evonik Industries, BU CO, Crosslinkers & PolyePresident sters

As you know I was first involved in one of your workshops when I was a sponsor of a Degussa Management Dialogue. I found the workshop to be very insightful, relevant and at the same time entertaining. Your enthusiastic approach to change management and getting people to think a bit more detailed about the process was refreshing. I was so impressed with your work then that I invited you to our global Active Oxygens meeting to give a key-note address on living with change. The AO group enjoyed your talk and it was a great way for us to kick off our meeting. I would strongly recommend your services and hope that my group has the opportunity to use your skills again in the future.

Shawn Abrams, Head of the Active Oxygen Business Line, Degussa


Your delivery of workshops on Performance & Change Management was excellent. The Content and the method of presentation were very interesting, colourful and most importantly meaningful. The feedback of the participants was always very positive.

Reinhold Brand, President, Degussa Corporation USA, Vice President and General Manager CS BU, NA


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Pay Attention to Your Emotions

Emotions are the next

frontier to be understood

and conquered.

To manage our emotions is not to drug them or

suppress them, but to understand them so we

can intelligently direct our emotional energies and intentions

Its time for human beings to grow up emotionally, to mature into emotionally managed and responsible citizens. No magic pill will do it.

Doc Childre