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What is the secret, the key element of successful entrepreneurs?

Fundamentally they have accepted the premise that deep sustainable change starts with them. They have made the shift from the dying materialistic mechanical paradigm to the limitless reality of Open Intelligence.

From this perspective, everything changes forever!

Typical Solo Entrepreneur Problems With Limited Perspective.

One of the reasons you choose to be an entrepreneur was to be autonomous, free from other people pushing your buttons. Yet there is often the strong feeling in crisis that you are even more reactive now than before you went independent:

You wrestle with finances and cash flow

You struggle to find enough new clients

Your marketing has not really delivered big results

And far from being free you end up worrying incessantly about meeting all your obligations including those to your family.

In short you dream of financial independence and freedom but it has not yet materialised

You have not had your major breakthrough. And this is very painful, at times its gut wrenching.

The Secret Of Transformational Power

Thomas Kuhn was to introduce us with a word which some would consider to be overused he coined the phrase “Paradigm Shift” in 1962. These were real outstanding breakthroughs.

The central idea was that when the rules don’t fit, we are likely to look for a new model. So we moved from the Newtonian Model of the universal as being mechanical and predictable to the Quantum physics model which has birthed the Wide World Web and the dazzling digital age.

Many Explosive Breakthroughs

Since that time you have seen a massive explosion in new ideas and non-less than the field of Neuro science. You can literally hit the reset button and re-wire your brain.

You can move from a reactive victim of habits that no longer serve you. You can break the cycle of crisis and learn to see it differently. You can experience a far more empowering world view.

One Key Aspect: Burning Desire to Learn!

This is a vital element; you have to develop a burning desire to learn. The evidence is overwhelming that those who have a different take on crisis use crisis as key reference points to fundamental change.

The good news is that this shift is not difficult but it does require persistent application to form new empowering habits. Like driving a car you transform driving beyond being uncomfortable to conscious competence and eventually mastery.

4) My Personal Breakthrough (Case Study)

I was teaching business English at a German academy for the long term unemployed. There were twenty two reluctant and uninspired students before me.

It transpired that they were forced to be there or lose their unemployment benefit. After one day it was clear to me that something had to change.

I asked the director of the academy would it be OK if I introduced some motivational training. He had no objection as long as the syllabus was completed.

What followed next was truly amazing by asking each student some simple questions about their level of confidence. We taught these students the essentials of motivation, they made a new and deep paradigm shift around their identity and were able to experience where real power lies. This is a massive lesson, deeply transformative, yet really simple!

Group Results Breakthrough

The average pass rate for this module was previously 50% and was marked by independent assessment jumped to over 80%!. A second group which we applied the same motivational intervention actually has 100% success!

Beyond Fight or Flight: The Ultimate Power of Will

 “He must sacrifice his puny, unfree will that is controlled by things and instincts to his grand will, which quits defined for destined being.” This beautiful quote is from Martin Buber: Encounter with Chuang Tzu.

You do need that burning desire to learn, which we spoke of earlier. Give yourself solid commitment, partner up with a mentor or coach that gels with you and you will have the breakthrough you are looking for. Once you settle the identity issue you can expect:

 A greater sense of stability, no longer controlled by things and circumstances.

 Greater inner strength and emotional resilience.

 Able to connect to deeper resources of creativity.

 Greater clarity about what is important in your life.

 A strategic breakthrough business plan.

 Clarity about the obstacles that can be realistically overcome.

 Able to prioritise and stay focused.

 Effective use of all key resources using 80/20 law.

 Creative interdependent synergy.

What Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Transformational Coaching  

Free Breakthrough Session

We are so committed to creating a transformational platform for entrepreneurs we want you to have a “Free Trial Breakthrough Session.” We will connect with you using Skype. Simply enter your contact details on the web form opposite. You will be asked to confirm you email address to avoid spam. Once that’s done we will schedule a “Free Trial Breakthrough Session” for you.

See you on the other side. Where you can personally experience what an amazing year would look like through a different lens! Simply pop your contact details on the web form now and we will be in touch.

I met Joseph when I was in a state of flux, both personally and in my business. In the space of nine months almost everything has changed in my relationships and my outlook of life.

The results are evident in my business with growth in sales of 12% compared with 2013, in the past 2 months sales are up 20% on last year!

We are set for further growth and have set our sights on doubling doubling our turnover by year end 2016, using the life tools taught by Joseph, this is very achievable.

Paul Saxon Managing Director Colm Steel Tools

When I first worked with Joseph, I was amazed at the depth of his knowledge and his unique way of sharing new business concepts. It was a transformational experience that has greatly benefited our organisation. We now have a strategic plan and are in a strong growth phase. The School Of Mastery has become a trusted advisor.  

Mauro Sabatini, Managing Director, Effeuno, Italy.